GWRS Kippenheim-Mahlberg
GWRS Kippenheim-Mahlberg

Besuch der Kippenheimer Synagoge

Zusammen mit ihrer Religion- und Englischlehrerin Frau Schill, waren die Schülerinnen und Schüler der 6. Klasse am 11.05.2018 in der Synagoge in Kippenheim angemeldet. Herr Stude informierte die Schüler über die Bedeutung der Kippenheimer Synagoge. Im Anschluss an den Besuch sind im Englischunterricht mehrere Schülerbeiträge entstanden.

The class 6a was on a class trip on May 11. 2018. We visited the synagogue of Kippenheim. We had a guide, Mr. Stude.

We saw a ritual bath. To see it, we had to climbe down into the cellar. This was very interesting.

The guide told us about the history of the synagogue, which was destroyed during the Nazitime. The synagogue was attacked during a service and the men were taken to a concentration camp.


(Lukas 6a)




Last Friday, on May 11th. class 6a made a trip. We visited the synagogue of Kippenheim. First we were in front of the synagogue, where the guide told us some things about the specific architecture.

Then we went in. The guide said that in former times, women had to get up to the gallery because only men were allowed to get into the big prayers room.

He also told us that on the Reichsprogrom pupils of Kippenheim were allowed to go to the synagogue and watch at what the Nazis did. Nazis set fire and threw things through the room.

Then we went up to the gallery, where the women once sat. After that we went underground. There was a ritual bath. The people had to dive 3 times.

Mr. Meyer, a Jewish Kippenheim who lives in the USA today, visits Kippenheim every year. Maybe he will come to visit our school next time too.

The trip was very funny.

(Max 6a)









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